Notepad2 v4.1.2.4

Notepad2 is een lichtgewicht, gratis en open source tekst editor met ondersteuning van syntax markeren voor diverse talen.
Het is gebaseerd op de Scintilla source code editing component ( en werkt op NT gebaseerde versie´s van Windows.
Wat is nieuw in versie

  • /z command line switch (support registry-based Notepad replacement)
  • /u command line switch (launch Notepad2 with elevated privileges)
  • Fixed some /p command line switch options not working properly
  • Display more informative error messages for file operation failures
  • Hotkey to copy pathname of current file to clipboard (Shift+F9)
  • Window title indicator when running with elevated privileges
  • Ini-options to control system MRU, taskbar and jump list behaviour
  • Enhanced portability for directory settings inside My Documents
  • Configure whether tab key should reformat indenting whitespace
  • Revised word wrap settings dialog and added more detailed options
  • New style setting to control font smoothing (see FAQ on my website)
  • New style setting to control size of visible white space dots
  • Improved cursor visibility on any background color
  • Added new "HTML Element Text" and "XML Element Text" styles
  • Improved default style utilization for HTML-embedded schemes
  • Updated PowerShell keywords to version 2.0
  • Added missing keywords to VBScript scheme
  • Fixed deleted files reappearing in MRU lists
  • Updated Scintilla library to 2.03

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Datum geplaatst: 03-03-2010

Waardering: aantal downloads:1100

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