Veel programma´s bevatten onderdelen die je eigenlijk helemaal niet nodig hebt en daardoor het programma eigenlijk niet doet wat je wilt. TodoPlus is nu eens een programma die wel doet wat je wilt, namelijk al je te doen zaken opnemen in een lijst.
Wel kun je de lijst handig indelen en kun je deze zo groot maken als je maar wilt.

Hieronder de belangrijkste features:

  • Easy to use — TodoPlus is designed with productivity and simplicity in mind. It is both fast and easy to manage many tasks.
  • Sub-tasks — You can have many levels of sub-tasks, that can be opened and closed like folders. This is a great way to break down large projects into smaller tasks.
  • Filters — Focus on your most important tasks using filters. Hide the unimportant tasks and finished tasks.
  • Password protection — You can add a password to each file. Files are encrypted and backed up.
  • Accessibility — Keyboard shortcuts for anything! Fast access to tools. Resizable fonts. You can use your mouse, but you don΄t have to.
  • Multiple lines per task — Tasks titles can have multiple lines of text, so you can keep everything within the task list. If you need more space, just add sub-tasks.
  • Search for keywords — Search through large files for text/TAG΄s, like : 'buy', 'email', 'call', 'urgent' or just '*'. This way you are able to finish a group of related tasks faster.
  • Continue where you left off — TodoPlus remembers all your settings including window size and position, font type and size, filter settings, file history, the last opened file and edit positions.
  • Import/Export tasks — You can import text files. You can also import/insert many tasks at the same time in TodoPlus if you want to copy a checklist from a website, a text edition or an email etc. Use HTML-Previews to be able to transferred your to-do list to other software like text editors, email software, calendars and website editors.
  • Cross-platform — TodoPlus is released for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, and you can share the same files between the two.

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